The passion for music started a long time ago with 'bubbling', what was the hype from that moment. A 12 year old boy, heard some 'Bubbling' beats and thought, why wouldn't i make my own remixes. He saw a lot of things and thought ' I SEE ' why shouldn't i call myself Ysea. that's how it all began. He started to make some beats and people started to love that kinda sound. there are some remixes on youtube and some have been watched over 6 million times. But then there was house music, House became very populair and he started to make latin/progressive house and that became his favorite style.

With his entertained performance not only during his sets but everywhere he is. a great vibe and feeling for the rythm of the beats, he is not just a DJ.

It's much more than that, he thinks that being DJ is a lot more than just spin some wheels and produce music. it's about to share music, share the love, bring people together and help each other.

From this point he is working hard to get 'Ysea' not only known as a DJ but also as a boy who knos the meaning of music. With his own style of entertainment and productions he'll never stop make music, play music, and love music.

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