There are many ways and words to describe a DJ whose set surely has to be heard and felt live. Known for his outstanding ability to impress, entertain and interact with every crowd he faced so far. this charismatic DJ definitely stands for a booming performance, with sets including a great diversity of musical influences filled with massive beats, electro edges, uplifting melodies, sexy grooves, played highly dynamic and always uptempo. He never loses his clear vision of who he wants to be in his show when playing his unique and recognizable sounds, launched with his inexhaustible energy showcased on stage. Rob Lee's show can be defined as energetic, strong and impressive. his attendance truly adds an extra dimension to every atmosphere he performs in..he sure won't be forgotten.

As well as many other true artists, this 2 meter tall guy was raised in a house of musicians. His father, who was also a DJ, made sure his son got the right feeling while he was still a youngster. Driven by his passion, Rob Lee always had a strong willing to share this passion with the world. A world that extended quickly after getting in touch with turntables for the first time. short after winning his 1st contest the hobby turned into a career. Not a single day went by without Rob Lee expanding his mixing skills and working on the majesty of his performances.

The road to success is not everyones path, as Rob Lee knows. He brings down voluminous sacrifices, Rob Lee is formally known as the number one DJ of the region where he lives. Right after his first gig, he became noticed and ended up being resident at the biggest club night in those days, 'Dreamers'. What came next was a boosting first year filled with weekly performances at every existing club around, with on top his international debut at a big club in Tel aviv. By ending his first year he felt it was time to step up the game. He formed a team to make a clip of his spectacular closingset with dance show at the popular 'Identity festival.

These strong developments brought Rob Lee some new smashing gigs & residence on 3 club nights. with his team he made a second story based clip and gained a lot of strong support with big names calling him the next best thing. Even bigger gigs appeared like b2b sets with Bobby Burns and Lucky Charmes. as well his appearance in Amsterdam-based clubs, for example, Paradiso, Escape, and a first performance at the ADE. Rob Lee also performed at concepts of famous dutch radio stations like Radio 538 & Slam fm. You can find him in a long list of line-ups next to big names such as Gregori Klosman, Shermanology, Benny Rodriques, Don Diablo, Leroy Styles, Gregor Salto, Roog, Lucien Foort, Sandro Silva, Marc Benjamin, Jordy Dazz and many more.

Nowadays the dedicated DJ is definitely on the right track, productions coming up, earned a residence at the big Showtime concepts at the A9 Studios and Beachclub Vroeger, finding himself on the line-up of festivals like 'Outdoor Stereo', 'Unknown' his 2nd 'Identity Summerfestival'. And when talking with Rob Lee himself, you might notice his great sympathy, no nonsense..the music and his fans is all that matter.