"Every set I play, I try to read the crowd and make sure they enjoy their evening to the max! That's what deejaying is about if you ask me". Laurenzo grew up in Rotterdam, where, on the age of 14 (1993), he fell in love with house music. While all of his friends were playing outside, Laurenzo was trying to teach himself to mix vinyl in a perfect way. Just like his heroes did that time.

After a few years he convinced several clubs that he could offer the people a splendid night out, and that resulted in numberous residences; Club Vie (Rotterdam), Vrijdagborrel (Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Haarlem), Beachclub WIJ (The Hague), Blender (Rotterdam) etc.

"The reason why many dj's from the Netherlands are worldwide respected is the small country they grow up in. Every weekend in every city there are numberous parties that are being organised. So if you want to stand out, you have to be the very best, because the crowd in the Netherlands doesn't settle for less"!

There are very few DJ's that are as versitile as Laurenzo.

With his suitable choice of music and friendly appearance he provides for a cosy and atmospoheric evening. His mixes are varied and tailored to the needs of his guests / public.

Do you want to have an unforgetable night?

Laurenzo is the dj you are looking for!