Charlie da Farma (Karel) started behind the wheels of steel when he was 15 years old. In 2007 he couldn't resist the desire to perform on the digital platform and started his 2nd DJ-life with CD's instead of vinyl.

In the years afterwards Charlie was resident for several events and spinned the pioneers at nice parties at several places like the Netherlands, Italy, Ibiza, Geneva and St. Tropez.

He is also well known at business events, doing lots of gigs at high end parties all over Europe. Charlie is also organizer of the famous Loveboat010 events in the Netherlands Charlie has a broad scope when it comes to music styles. Chill, Lounge, Jazz, Soulfull Sexy Club Grooves, Real House and Tech house are the popular, up to date sounds that Charlie brings you today. Like no other he knows what is going on in 'clubland'.

For Charlie the technique is not the nr. 1 drive. Creating chemistry in a natural way by uplifting climaxes, adapting the trackchoice by sensing the audience, applying the effects at the right moment and deliver great shows is what distinguishes him from other DJ's. So, if you want interaction, it's Charlie da Farma!