The Netherlands have spawned many deejays and producers of great stature in the electronic dance music scene, but Benjamin Bates is remarkable in more then a few ways.

With influence ranging from the ´new wave´and alternative rock music from the late 80´s, to the house and rave music that quickly emerged later on, Benjamin´s music has always had a kind of schidzofrenia to it that attracted listeners from all kinds of genres. Since his career as a producer took off by the same time he started deejaying at big venues, his output has mostly been dance-floor focused, but between the beats and raging synths, you can clearly heat his need to do more then just please the crowd on a Saturday night. His lyrics are nowhere near the generic non-sense of most contemporary popular dance music –even take political stance at times- and the music suits a home stereo as well as a bass-heavy PA system.

Benjamin Produces, mixes and arranges all his own music, plays all the instruments and even does his own vocals too. Like a one man pop band on stereoids. He´s been thinking of ways to take this live, but unless he grows six extra arms that seems like a mission impossible.

Benjamin has Deejayed all over the globe, from New Zeeland to Canada for crowds ranging from his 3 neighbors and a dog to 35000 people at the indoor craziness that is SENSATION or MYSTERYLAND. He´s had numerous international dance-music anthems through the years and has been rewarded for his productions in many occasions.